What do we do?

With a combination of brilliant user experience and stunningly smart design, Charming Robot excels at helping you create a product from the ground up or tune-up what you're already working with. Here are a few of our core competencies. Curious about something else? Just ask us. Just ask us.

  • Brand Strategy / Identity

    A solid, memorable brand is unwavering in its ethos, storytelling, and style. We help brands craft their story and produce materials to make a mark on the world.

  • Front-end Dev

    Bringing the experience to life is the final step in the process. Our team puts the finishing touches on our projects by ensuring the final product looks and acts as it’s supposed to on whatever platforms on which users want to access it.

  • Product Strategy

    Everything stems from the who, what, why, where, when and how of a product. The Charming Robot team starts every product answering these questions and uses this as the basis for every decision in the product development process.

  • User Experience

    In every product, the business has its goals and the user has theirs. Our goal is to create successful marriage of these two sides through every interaction people have with the product.

  • visual design

    An experience is more than flows and organized information. The brand and experience come together with the aesthetics that truly make the voice, personality and actions front and center.

Some of our work

Of course, this is just a sample. for more, check out our full client list

All of our Clients

Curious about a particular industry or our work with a specific client? Reach out and we'd be happy to discuss.

Our Products

Our experience doesn't just come from client work, We create, test, track and tweak products of our own as well. So when we say we live this world, we mean it.

Need a lift? We created an app that connects snow-enthusiasts to carpool to mountains. Check it out -or-

Running weekly for over two years, Story In A Bottle is our in-house podcast. Our CEO Dan Maccarone talks tech and life with founders, VCs and other interesting people. Listen In

Born in NYC, with a need to travel

We're headquartered in Chelsea, but we're a mobile company, moving teams all over the country and the globe to make sure our clients have the right people for the job.

So... that's us in a nutshell.

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